Being a Woman of Self Worth, A Worthy Goal.

The female species often known as women, if any resemblance to myself, often feel under appreciated, unloved, unwanted, not needed and at the same time over needed. I don’t know how it is possible it just is. Stop asking so many questions so I can get through this post. In order to make these insecurities less binding to our ego’s AKA personalities, we tend to blame others for the existence of the oh so inconvenient blemish. Sort of how I blamed you for asking so many questions when I found my irrational thought process inaccurate or impossible. Blaming others doesn’t really take away our insecurities but in order to not do it anymore we must understand that we are in fact actually practicing the ritual. #1 humanoid target, our husbands! Any male species married in holy matrimony would agree with me. He is vulnerable, weak minded (solely due to your lack of communicating with him) and he is your other half so naturally he should be in tune with your emotions and be able to read your thoughts right? If target one is targeted too much he can quickly become target 1 1/2 aka the ex-husband. A very easy target to blame for your insecurities, to say the least. Ex-husband only gets ½ point because technically they are the same target.
Humanoid (barely human) target #2, our children. Easy enough target, especially if they can’t talk yet and defend themselves. Not as easy as target #1 because of the guilt attached when you look into those big gorgeous eyes and kiss those squishy cheeks making it harder to blame the species for our inadequacies inside ourselves. We as women find the ability anyways to complain that our children do not appreciate the time and effort we unselfishly put into them. If only the kids could see how good I am, then I would feel better about myself.

Humanoid target #3, MOTHER (DUN DUN DUN) One that carries less guilt to put blame on and usually a target that receives more support from the hubby obverting the cancer causing rays from aiming at himself. Oh yes, Mother somehow managed to completely screw up your life, making it impossible to feel worthy of love and support. Also letting everyone around you know that your shortage of skills are her fault and hers alone creates a shelf to place yourself worth a little higher because hers is lower in comparison. If only she taught me how to clean better my husband would appreciate me more. Sounds logical right? Well nobody ever claims that ladies strong points are logic. Let’s just forget that mother had to dangle a candy bar in front of you to even get you off the couch and clean something. Oh but that candy bar made you chunky and is her fault also. Oh yes the mother of all targets, Mother.
So which target is the correct one to search and destroy in order to make ourselves worthy of glorious gratitude and idol worship? Well maybe the question we should be asking ourselves is will the admiration of targets 1-3 make you feel better about yourself inside? It might help a little having the support of your loved ones but will not create the ultimate environment to nourish self-worth.
If it is one message I receive loud and clear, over and over again, it is the commandment of self-reliance. If you are practicing self-reliance there is nobody to blame but yourself. If you feel under appreciated, unloved, unwanted or whatever other girly insecurities that are out there, it means you are not loving, appreciating and even wanting yourself. You have the power, ability and even responsibility to appreciate yourself. We hear over and over again that we can’t unconditionally love others without first unconditionally loving ourselves. I believe this is a true eternal principle. When pondering this, think of our Heavenly Father the being that we are attempting to become. He has a perfect love radiating from him for us. He can’t feel this without having a perfect love for himself. Oh sure he is perfect and so naturally he is easy to love. Me??? Well that is a different story. WRONG!!!! That thinking will get you nowhere in life. There is no way to reach perfection without learning Heavenly Fathers ability to love unconditionally. He, in order to become perfect, had to first love himself before learning to love others. This is an eternal and vital skill that can heal all wounds. Our husbands, children and Mothers can’t tie us up and spoon feed us self-worth against our will and makes us all better. We must, as individuals, focus on bettering ourselves or better known as perfecting at a slow pace. We will learn to love and appreciate ourselves and see our self-worth. Once we see the self-worth in ourselves, we grow patient for those around us and begin to accept their differences and even, dare say, love them unconditionally despite their imperfections. Loving others is the ultimate teacher. Our Savior focused on himself while on this Earth and accomplished all that was commanded of him by our Father.  Technically he never focused on “fixing us”. He focused solely on controlling his own behavior and perfecting his love for self and others creating the perfect example for us to follow. Loving yourself creates love for others. True love, not that fake vanity admiration that is solely a cover up for insecurities. True unconditional love creates the environment for forgiveness which in turn creates a healthy environment to learn and grow. H often do we hold ourselves back by putting ourselves down? Children respond in similar patterns. If you teach self-worth through example, they will know how to achieve self-worth if they choose to desire it. Example is only a tool if the person chooses to use it. The power is in us. No more excuses, no more blame. You are wonderful, worthy and loveable. Now prove it! Your husband, children and even mother will love and appreciate you for it. Teach them how to treat you by treating yourself with the up most respect. If you do not know how to love yourself ask the person that loves you more than imaginable. Heavenly Father. He knows how to achieve this task. He knows you and your worth. Just ask and ye shall receive.

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